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Top Free Mobile SMS Service Providers Offering Unlimited International SMS, Text and Video

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There are many services online that allow us to send and receive SMS messages. These messaging services can be a great alternative to normal texting and can be a good choice for many people.

The main reason people are attracted to these messaging services is because you are able to easily send and receive messages to anyone even if they do not live in the same country as you, these messaging services are fun and they can be a good way to send and receive messages with friends.

Send & Receive Messages and Files With Whatsapp Messenger

With Whatsapp messenger, you can mark important messages (with a star), which can then be seen in the profile of a contact or group, or back up conversations in Google Drive. Another feature is the ability to transfer Word documents or PDFs between users, and you can also send photos and videos. Creating a Whatsapp account is quite simple, here is how to create and account:

  • Download the app
  • Once you open the app you will need to enter your number,
  • After entering your number, a code will be sent to your phone,
  • You will then enter this code in the app and you will be given a Whatsapp phone number.

Using Facebook’s Free Messaging Service – Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a free messaging service that is provided by Facebook, this service allows you to easily send and receive messages with any of your Facebook friends, this service is nice because you can send messages easily without any worries. Creating a Facebook Messenger account is very simple. Heres how:

  • If you have a Facebook account, all you need to do is download the app and then click on the option that says “Log in with Facebook”, once you see this, all you need to is log in using the email you used to sign up with Facebook and your password.
  • If you do not have a Facebook account there are a few extra steps, but it is still fairly simple. The first thing you need to do is create a Facebook account.
  • Create a Facebook account by entering your email, name, number, and a password. This is all the information you will use to log into Facebook.
  • After creating your account, you will need to download the Facebook Messenger app and then sign in using the information for the account you just made.

Share Media With Friends Using Viber Media Messenger

Viber is a media sharing app which is very similar to Whatsapp Messenger, this service is easy to use, fun, and provides a user friendly interface. Viber is a good option for anyone that wants to send texts and media to friends and family. Here is how you can create a Viber Account:

  • You can create a Viber account before you download the app by going to the website and then you will need to enter your phone number in the form that they will give you, after doing this, you will receive a code which you will then enter in their website to create your account
  • You can also create a Viber account after you download the application. The first step for doing this is opening the application.
  • Once you open the application, allow the app to have access to all of the contacts in your phone.
  • Follow all of the on screen instructions, these are all relatively simple things that you can easily follow.
  • You will need to enter your phone number as well, once doing this you will receive a text containing a verification number which you will then have to enter in the app.
  • You can now add contacts from your phone if they have the Viber application as well.

Easily Send Pictures and Videos With Kik Messenger

Kik messenger is a free service that millions of people use, the reason for this is because you can easily send pictures and videos as well as messages to anyone with this service. It does not matter where the person lives either, you can send messages to anyone in the world. Follow these simple steps to create a Kik messenger account:

  • The first thing you need to do is download the app from the app store or from the Google Play Store.
  • Once it is finished downloading, you need to open the app and enter your information.
  • The information you need to provide is not too extensive, you only need to enter your email, first and last name and (optionally) a phone number.
  • You will also need to enter account details such as your username and password, this is what you will use every time you log into the Kik messenger app.

Use the Free Service Skype Messenger Service to Text & Call Anyone

Skype messenger is a free service that is extremely efficient and is very good for anyone to send and receive messages with anyone that also has this app for free. You can also make video and voice calls for free as well. There is also a paid service that allows you to use skype to send SMS messages to any number as well. Here is how you can create a Skype account:

  • Visit the Skype website if you are going to be using this messaging service from a computer.
  • Once you visit the website, you can create your account on the website itself, you will need to fill out information such as your name, email address, and phone number.
  • After filling out all of this information you will be asked to choose a username and a password, this is the information you use to access the account so it is best to remember this information.
  • You can also choose a profile picture for your Skype account if you wish as well.
  • If you are using Skype from a mobile device, you will need to first download the app from the app store.
  • After downloading the app, you will need to enter all the information discussed above and then you will have access to your account.

Easily Make Group Chats With Telegram Messenger

Telegram is an alternative to apps such as Whatsapp and Skype, this service allows it’s users to send and receive messages for free as well as create fun group chats. This is perhaps the strong suit of Telegram messenger, you can also sync your contacts to the app so you can message anyone in your contact list. Follow these simple steps to create a Telegram account:

  • Download the Telegram Messenger app.
  • After downloading the app, open it and enter your number.
  • Once you enter your number, a text will be sent to your phone containing a code, once you receive this code, enter it in the Telegram Messenger app.
  • After entering the code your account will be created, you can then add more information such as your name and a profile picture.

Using SMS Service Providers

SMS service providers a great way to send messages and media to anyone in the world. Most of these services are free although there are instances where you may need to pay a fee to access some of the features, although most of the features are free of charge.