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How to Create a Personal or Business Hotmail “Outlook” Email Account in Minutes

Here’s some good news for Windows Live Hotmail users, and for anyone who’s considering an email client switch or looking to signup for a new email account. After many years, Hotmail is going through a big overhaul involving tons of new helpful features.

The importance of having an email account is fundamental to just about everyone now days on the internet & Microsoft Decided to provide it’s users with a complete face lift to go with all the new features and name change to outlook.com. We have to note that there are some trusted servants in the email provider niche market and each have their own upsides and downsides.

Hotmail is a easy to use, cloud-based email platform provided by Microsoft for FREE. In this post we will be discussing how to register for a new Hotmail account as well as deep dive into some of the new features and capabilities that Microsoft gave us when they merged Hotmail into Outlook.com

New Hotmail = New Features With Outlook.com

A lot of innovative features were announced by Microsoft recently. According to reports, the new features are coming out for most users later this summer (July or August 2015). According to the official blog, Hotmail offers many new features such as increased attachment size, the ability to view, edit and share documents online document collaboration in real-time conversation view, a better mobile experience, etc.

Hotmail Now Outlook.com is 100% FREE

Hotmail is completely free and users are encouraged to get to know all the many free and useful tools Hotmail, now called “Outlook” offers. Once you have created your new account you will be able to create a profile and link it to your Facebook account if you wish to automatically find friends and family members.

Creating a Hotmail account is very simple to do however to clarify for those of you who have not noticed yet Microsoft has renamed Hotmail to Outlook.com. This will not affect your email address if it was made before this change however any new email created as of today and the last year or so will be @outlook.com rather than @hotmail.com.

Getting Started By Visiting Outlook.com

The first step is to visit the registration page by directing your browser to the address of www.hotmail.com, hotmail.com, or directly to www.outlook.com or outlook.com. If you enter the addresses of Hotmail will be automatically redirected to the new Outlook address. 

Once you arrive at the home page of Outlook.com you will notice on the bottom right hand corner a link that says, “Don’t have a Microsoft account? Sign up now ” This is where you want to click. Once you click this you will be directed to the signup form that Microsoft requires of you in order to create your free email account.

What Information You Will Need Handy

The account is free and they will not ask for anything too private such as billing or social. They primarily want to know your age range, gender, desired user name, phone number and a desired password, so nothing to abrasive. You are allowed to use numbers, periods and letters to create your address and it needs to be 100% unique, meaning no one else can have it already.

If you run into trouble trying to find a email user name that isnt already taken try using words that only make sense to you such as your first or last name combined with a birth year or favorite number to create the e-mail such a, “nancy_miller1980@outlook.com” popular variants such as birth date, name-calling or some element of your personality that characterizes you.

You WILL Need Another Active Email Address Already

Bear in mind that the most important field that Microsoft requires you to answer is an alternative email address (in the case of losing the password to have an additional account where they can auto send the key to recovery). Another very important field is the password, where you must choose a strong password and you can always remember.

A good password includes uppercase and lowercase letters and a number and / or symbol.When you’ve completed all that, if everything is correct, you’ll go immediately to the inbox of your email. Do not hesitate & start enjoying the benefits that Microsoft has to offer right now.

The New Added Security Helps Keep Your Data Private

The A-level security feature is finally here in Windows Live Hotmail. It was there before, but only while “logging in” to save users credentials from phishing attack. Now, HTTPS is coming in Hotmail for the entire session, i.e. for logging in and browsing (reading/sending) emails. This was something which Gmail already introduced a few months ago, but it’s good to have in Hotmail nonetheless.

View, Edit and Share Office Docs Now Within Hotmail

Now you can access free Microsoft office web apps to view, edit and share office documents without downloading it on your computer. All you need to do is email any document or PowerPoint presentation to yourself. You could open this document anytime, anywhere. Because the document is present in Hotmail cloud, you don’t need your own computer to open it.

Real Time Collaboration Document

If you and your friend wants to work on the same document at the same time, then you can do this easily in the new Hotmail. Click the file, which must be present in the Skydrive sender of the document for online viewing. While editing the file, you can see the number of people editing the file in the lower right corner. You can instantly see changes made by team members.

Easily Send Larger Files Within Your Emails

Hotmail integration with Skydrive allows you to send files up to 10 GB in a single email. Well a little bit. The file is hosted on the service Skydrive offers 25 GB of free space. To send large files (documents or images) by email, the recipient receives only the URL of that file. When the recipient clicks on the link you can download the file. It is not necessary for the recipient to have a Skydrive account to download.

Easily Find What Your Looking Fot With The New “Quick Views”

Suppose you want to only check emails with pictures. You could quickly filter emails by clicking on the “Photos” given in the left pane. Similarly you can click on “Documents” to see all mails with attachments.

Instantly View Social Media Related Media Inside Your Email

People send video links, images from Flickr, etc in the email. To see them, you need to open the link in a new tab or window. But the new Hotmail automatically recognizes the link, add a description and thumbnails, and allows you to view the video right within the email interface. It will support services YouTube and Hulu to start.

Similarly, you can view photos from Flickr and even start a slideshow in your inbox. Recognizes the tracking number of postal services and shows all the details attached to it. Also, accept friend requests from LinkedIn without visiting the website.