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The all-new Google Play Store: A Glorified Name of Everything You Need in One Digital Widget

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How is Google Play Store serving your digital needs any different from the so-called Android Market? Well, for one thing, it isn’t limited to Android phone users any longer. And that’s good news for other mobile phone brand users to get an access to the one-stop digital media store!

You can finally get a hold of the TV programs, movies, books, magazines and music offerings just by downloading the Play Store mobile app! Google Play allows you to purchase or get apps for free. It’s basically your Play Shop and Android Market with a remarkable new name and a swanky icon to boot.

Google Play Music: In Sync with Your Tune

Do you wish to take your music with you everywhere? There’s no better way to do that than with the syncing features of Google Play. The large online library and unlimited streaming feature are just one of the many new things to be grateful for. Google Play Music lets you keep your favorite selection of games, apps, movies, e-books and of course, MUSIC all in one cool source. You can have full access of the online music store through any Android or web device with free cloud storage of up to 20,000 songs with a list of over 22 million titles to choose from. With its state of the art scan and match feature, it saves you time from uploading all your music to Google’s digital locker.

The so-called All Access music-streaming feature offers free and paid subscriptions that range from $0.69, $0.99 and $1.29. Google Play Music is currently accessible within 58 countries worldwide.

What’s in the Play Book?

Your humble Book Shop is upgraded to a classier Google Play Books while your videos are now under Google Play Movies. These features by the way work in sync with your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Now that sounds super! Even iOS users can get the Google Play Books app through the App Store. This is great news for bookworms who want access the massive selection of 4 million titles worldwide from almost 57 countries.

You don’t have to worry about your purchases as the eBooks are secured in Google’s cloud storage. The Chrome Web Store lets you enjoy the feature on your desktop’s Google Chrome browser as well. As usual, the copyrighted eBooks are protected through the Digital Rights Management strategies.

Thus, the Adobe Content Server 4 is adopted by Google Play Books, which are presented in EPUB or PDF formats. Whether you’re using an Android or an iOS device, you can read the books online by simply enabling your JavaScript. It’s that simple!

Standby the Newsstand

Are you always on the your toes to find out the breaking news around the globe? Google Play Newsstand is your perfect companion whether you’re at the train, bus stop or at the office taking your coffee break. The content can be read offline should you be always on the go. If you are consistently following a blog about fashion or perhaps your favorite sports or the latest cooking recipe, you can always subscribe to the topic news feeds for free.

Google Play Newsstand lets you discover streamlined selection of web feeds, magazine publications and blogs through Google Currents and Google Magazine. The interesting reads on various niches and articles on Food & Drinks, Business & Finance as well as Arts & Photography are all in one app. What’s more; Google Play Newsstand is available on your iPhone and iPad gadgets. With its Read Now feature, you can actually discover new compelling stories and write-ups with one click.It also highlights what seems interesting for you and provides recommendations along the process. The vast selection of news publications, videos and audio is intelligently designed for full functionality whether you’re on your tablet, mobile phone or Chromebook. Clean interface greets you as you scan for the hottest news whether in fashion, sports, entertainment or global issues.

In case it gets too overwhelming to see everything at a glance, you can opt for the Bookmark feature to let you get back to those stories in your own sweet time. Google Play offers paid subscription to over a hundred premier publishing sources that carry the most popular names in news and magazines worldwide and are available in several different languages. So, what are you waiting for? Let the Google Play Store give you everything at the palm of your hand!